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Kids in Preschool

International Summer School for Doctoral Students

Early Childhood Education and Development: Essential Tools for Doctoral Research


May 30 to 31, 2024


The Education University of Hong Kong

Specialized Workshops

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InSuDoc2024 is an International Summer School for Doctoral Students in Early Childhood Education and Development (ECED) and other related fields (e.g., Developmental Psychology, Child Development, Special Needs). Owing to the overwhelming success of InSuDoc2023, we are offering InSuDoc2024 for a second time. Organized by the Department of Early Childhood Education at The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK), InSuDoc2024 will bring together international, regional, and local doctoral students to equip them with essential tools to successfully complete their doctoral degrees and publish their work in academic journals. Renowned international scholars will offer specialized seminars in their areas of specialization. Cultural and social activities will be organized after the academic activities.

InSuDoc2024 will take place at EdUHK (May 30-31, 2024) and it will be followed by the 1st EdUHK International Research Conference on Early Childhood Education and Development (InCRECE 2024) (June 1-3, 2024). Participants in InSuDoc2024 are highly encouraged to participate in InCRECE2024 and present their work to an international audience (to register in InCRECE20204, please click here). Participants in both events may choose to receive a combined certificate, for reimbursement purposes.



While the main target audience for InSuDoc2024 is doctoral students in ECED programs (PhD and EdD), other junior researchers (for example Master students, Research Assistants and Post-Doctoral Fellows) are also welcome to participate.

Looking forward to welcoming you in InSuDoc2024!

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InSuDoc2023 | Event Highlights

Social & Cultural Activities

The registration fee includes all meals, refreshments, as well as social and cultural activities for the two days of the event.


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